Special Yoga Class

Lifeway Kefir Immersive Yoga:
Special Class with
Kylan Fischer


Lifeway Kefir Immersive Yoga, a unique wellness experience, is celebrating two incredible years with special one-day-only classes led by celebrated yoga instructors.

Lifeway Kefir Immersive Yoga:
Special Class with Kylan Fischer

About the instructor

Kylan believes that yoga is like magic because it makes people feel better from the inside out; it heals and prevents injuries and illnesses, and creates flexibility and strength. She became a yoga teacher to spread this magic and to make people feel better!


Yoga helps to keep her flexible and strong so she can enjoy all of her active hobbies, travels, and adventures with ease. Since earning her 200 hour Yoga Alliance Certification, she has enjoyed teaching a variety of classes, workshops, and retreats. She teaches many styles of yoga, however her favorite styles are power and vinyasa. @Yoga_Ky on Instagram

About the special class

Featuring yoga and mindfulness sessions in Lighthouse Immersive’s state-of-the-art installation spaces, these unforgettable, once-in-a-lifetime classes are sponsored by Lifeway Foods, America’s favorite kefir company and brought to you in partnership with CITY SHRED, one of the largest social media fitness communities in North America!

Aimed to inspire, motivate and bring a sense of awe, all fitness levels are welcome to participate in an intention-setting session, followed by a 35-minute yoga class led by a celebrated instructor. Each class will take place within the multi-sensory and all-encompassing the Immersive Van Gogh exhibit.

Each workout is designed to challenge the body and inspire the mind; choreographed in harmony with the music, sounds, light, and moving images from the Van Gogh’s vast catalog of masterpieces.

All participants will receive a nutritious kefir sample compliment of Lifeway Kefir.

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Our Partners

Lifeway Foods, Inc

Lifeway Foods, Inc., which has been recognized as one of Forbes Best Small Companies, is America’s leading supplier of the probiotic, fermented beverage known as kefir. In addition to its line of drinkable kefir, the company also produces cheese, probiotic oat milk, and a ProBugs line for kids. Lifeway’s tart and tangy fermented dairy products are now sold across the United States, Mexico, Ireland, France and the United Kingdom. Learn how Lifeway is good for more than just you at lifewayfoods.com.


CITY SHRED is North America’s largest fitness and wellness event series, delivering EPIC experiences for Life Athletes that challenge you to push past your limits and become the best version of yourself. Bringing you the best trainers, facilitators and coaches from around the world – work with the most dedicated team that will motivate you to reach your personal max while preparing you to become the ultimate life athlete. From fitness, mindfulness, and breath-work to yoga, movement, and more – CITY SHRED is accessible to all. It’s just You vs You, fuelled by the non-stop energy of ONE COMMUNITY. Follow @CITY_SHRED for more.

Additional Information

  • Class Duration

    Participants receive a 35 minute class

  • Starting Time

    Participants should arrive 15 mins prior to their scheduled class. Class starts promptly and late comers past 5 minutes will not be admitted

  • Age requirements

    Participants must be 12 years of age or older. Minors must be accompanied by an adult (no free or discounted tickets available for classes to student/seniors or children)

  • Equipment

    Participants must bring their own fitness mat. No other equipment is required.

  • Guided Class

    Class starts with a guided intention setting session

  • Facilities

    There are no changing facilities at Lighthouse ArtSpace – Wear comfortable clothing for your yoga practice. Bathrooms are available.

  • Waiver (CLICK HERE)

    All participants must agree to waiver at purchase.

  • Price

    Price: $59.99 per person per class plus fees

  • Tickets

    Tickets are non-refundable